We host monthly LGBT+ Socials and Gender Support GroupS

Every month, we host LGBTQIA+ Socials to create a fun and welcoming environment to meet other people like yourself and get to know your queer neighbors.  We've done wine and cheese socials, family friendly bowling, brunch, pizza nights, porch socials, and many more.  In June, we're doing a chairty crab feast, all you can eat with 50% of the proceeds going to Pride Festival.  Tickets are $70 each.  Use the Contact Us form below to get the details about our next social.

Gender Expression Movement:
Delmarva Gender Expression Movement (GEM) is a support group for those who are exploring or identify anywhere along the gender spectrum.  We offer a welcoming and safe space that encourages sharing and support among our members while preserving everyone's dignity.  Use the Contact Us form below to get the details about our next GEM meeting.


Physical Building:

Our long term goal is to lease a brick and moarter building to have a positive, welcoming space for gender and sexual minorities to attend events, meetings, support groups, check out materials from a queer library, and have coffee with other people in the lounge.  To support this goal, become a monthly sustaining memmber at $20 per month.  With just 100 LGBTQIA+ people, which there are across Delmarva, giving $20 a month, we can support a physical space for our community.

Pride Festival 2022


Friday, June 17 - Sunday, June 19th

Friday: Drag Show and Dance Party, 18 and up - Sold out - 7-11PM at the Hummingbird Inn

Saturday: Street Festival Downtown Easton on Harrison Street, 11AM to 3PM, free, family friendly, rain or shine

Sunday: Brunch, Hummingbird Inn, 10AM - 1PM, ticketed, $20 each, less than 10 tickets left

We are proudly hosting the first Pride festival of downtown Easton this year on June 18th. We invite you to partner with us as a sponsor for our event thereby demonstrating your support of Delmarva's LGBTQ+ community and commitment to equality for our area. Below you will find the sponsorship levels and benefits opportunities. If you are in need of more information or have any questions please feel free to reach out at any time to the board by emailing us at


Please find the sponsorship forms below.  By partnering with Delmarva Pride Center through sponsoring this event you are giving the local LGBTQ+ community a chance to feel safe and included while living on the Eastern Shore of Maryland. 

Ally Sponsor:

Talbot County Department of Social Services

Bridget and John Horner

Chris Bowers

About US

Tina Jones (she/her) - Chair
Serves as Program Director for FreeState Justice where she is focused on improving the lives of LGBTQ Marylanders.  In her spare time, she facilitates a transgender support group, is active in PFLAG Mid-Shore and serves on the board of GLSEN Maryland.

The Delmarva Pride Center (DPC) is a community service organization dedicated to creating a positive environment inclusive of all sexual orientations and gender identities.  We support, educate, connect, organize, and provide outreach to the Delmarva LGBTQIA+ community and its allies.


All people, regardless of sexual orientation or gender identity, are embraced as full members of the Delmarva community.  Through DPC’s efforts, the Delmarva Peninsula will be a safe community where everyone lives authentically with access to all services and supports required to live fully.



  • Respect - We believe all people have the right to dignity and respect.

  • Privacy - We value all DPC participants right to privacy.

  • Safety - We will assure a safe environment for all participants of DPC.

  • Equality - We treat all people equally and strive for equality in all that we do.

  • Community - We will connect members and create a community of support for youth, adults, and family.

  • Action - We organize and engage the LGBTQIA+ community , their allies and the public.

  • Advocacy - We advocate for legislation that protects, supports, and empowers the LGBTQIA+ community.


Angel Perez (he/him) - Vice Chair
Program Coordinator for the Caroline County Family YMCA / YMCA Caroline Mentoring Project. He is the founder of the Caroline County Pride Festival and Whoville Village Holiday Park, organizer of the LGBTQIA Support Program for youth ages 14-17. Recognized as the Caroline County Citizen of the Year 2020. For the past 4 years he has dedicated his time to positively impacting his community especially carrying the message of inclusion, respect and equity.

Lisa Barry (they/them) - Communications

People are fundamentally worthy of respect because of their personhood.  Lisa is a person who identifies both as queer and non-binary.  In their work, Barry fulfills a passion for wildlife conservation by protecting Delmarva's Chesapeake Bay wetlands. Outside of work, they are a dedicated parent driven to provide their kids a loving home to live happily, and teach them how to thrive.  Lisa is an advocate for Delmarva's LGBTQ+ community devoting their heart to making sure each individual is seen and heard.  Barry is the marketing and social media chair, and co-lead for Delmarva Gender Expression Movement's support group to help guide people to lead authentic, peaceful and rich lives rooted in their foundational truth and worth.

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Coffee Club

Sustaining Membership

  • Less than $1/month
  • Voting Member
  • Help support events
  • Most affordable
  • Voting member
  • Monthly coffee socials (virtual)


  • Voting Member
  • Coffee Socials
  • Sponership on the website and pride festival 

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$ 20


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